Natural healing for skin and scalp

Since as far back as I can remember being on earth, I’ve struggled with sensitive skin, my scalp included. As I aged, eczema and psoriasis both ravaged my body. I remember, very vividly, as a child, using combs, brushes, anything, to scratch my dry, scaly skin.

As time passed, the severity of my sensitive skin diminished. But not entirely.

In around 2008, or so, I started having Alopecia blotches in my beard. I went to Dr. Fox, my dermatologist in Jersey City (New Jersey). He gave me shots in the hairless area (I forget the content). And the hair grew back. Continue reading

Colonizing minds

I like going to the barber. Two weeks ago, when I went, I learned that Nigerians regularly request asylum in the UK, the main thrust of their applications being that they are homosexual. Of course, as I learned, they’re not really homosexual; they merely use this as a powerful enough excuse to obtain UK citizenship. And, the government is aware. The things we do to broaden our horizons. It’s really quite remarkable. Continue reading


One day, I was walking down London Road, probably headed to the Cooperative to purchase some goods for the kitchen. And I ran into a guy whose a friend of a friend that frequents the local shisha lounge. He asked if I was going to smoke shisha, and indicated that he was headed inside right then. I had to go make my grocery, so I told him that I’d be back after that. Continue reading